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The 2016 State of Cloud IT Report

The 2016 State of Cloud IT Report is the culmination of five months of research and data aggregation from many sources (Gartner, PwC, Google, Microsoft, 1,500 IT professionals, etc.). Through data, the report tells the story of the shift to cloud IT, and how it’s affecting workplaces around the world. I’ve already spoken with several industry analysts who’ve said it’s ..more ›


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How Cloud IT Will Influence Enterprise Technology in 2016

The mass migration to the cloud is well under way and will only accelerate. Two giants continue to dominate the space and their market capitalization will dictate the roles smaller companies play in the market. IT tools and leaders in the field will enable larger numbers of organizations to fully embrace technology and money markets have read the writing on ..more ›

Cloud Office Predictions

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Idle to Action: Why Microsoft’s Change of Heart is a Turning Point for Cloud Adoption

Ten years ago, the cloud wasn’t a tech term. It just wasn’t. Today, it’s hard to have a conversation about the future of technology and not mention it. When Marc Benioff founded Salesforce in 1999, the average laptop weighed seven pounds and Google was just a year old. A 1999 Wall Street Journal article highlighting Salesforce and the “Latest Software ..more ›


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The Role of IT: How the Shift to the Cloud is Creating Agents of Innovation

We continue our Trends in Cloud IT series by taking a look at the people behind the shift to the cloud: the admins. Our previous posts have helped us understand the factors affecting cloud adoption and provided insight into the customer bases of Google and Microsoft. We’re entering a new era of enterprise technology. The cloud is changing the way ..more ›


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Google Apps vs Office 365: Comparing the Usage, Adoption & Effectiveness of Cloud IT’s Power Players

The Office 365 vs. Google Apps story is just beginning. The data we’ve collected will help provide insights into where the platforms–and their customers–stand today. ..more ›


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Trends in Cloud IT: Dissecting Adoption Across Thousands of Organizations

You’ve heard it before, the shift to the cloud is underway. What you haven’t heard, or seen for that matter, is a comprehensive look at the demographics of 1,500 IT professionals and the factors contributing to their adoption of cloud IT. ..more ›


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Why the Move to Cloud Office Systems is the Biggest IT Shift in 20 Years

Work is transforming: the way employees expect digital-native workplaces, the way work comes home with us and can go anywhere, the way new technologies are changing existing jobs and creating new industries. And as a result, the “office,” a combination of the physical workplace and the digital infrastructure that powers it, is forcibly changing, too. The cloud office may be ..more ›

Business Innovation

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What a $25 Million Investment Means for BetterCloud’s Vision to Power Cloud IT

So far, 2015 is shaping up to be an eventful year for BetterCloud. In less than 3 months, we’ve announced a new product for Office 365, rebranded the company, and introduced real-time DLP functionality for Google Drive. And this morning, we’re sharing more exciting news: BetterCloud just closed a $25 million round of financing, led by Accel Partners and with participation from all of our existing investors.


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Evaluating Born-in-the-cloud DLP Solutions: Is Proxy- or API-based Right for You?

If you’re an IT admin at a sizable organization, there’s a good chance you need to comply with a data security standard like PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA, or SOX. From a regulatory standpoint, these standards are essential. From a technology and infrastructure standpoint, they can be challenging, particularly when it comes to answering the question: “How do you make sure your employees aren’t sharing sensitive information?”


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Welcome to the New BetterCloud

Today’s an important day at BetterCloud—the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history. Several changes went into effect earlier today that impact everything from the names of our products to the platforms we support.

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