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The 2016 State of Cloud IT Report

The 2016 State of Cloud IT Report is the culmination of five months of research and data aggregation from many sources (Gartner, PwC, Google, Microsoft, 1,500 IT professionals, etc.). Through data, the report tells the story of the shift to cloud IT, and how it’s affecting workplaces around the world. I’ve already spoken with several industry analysts who’ve said it’s ..more ›


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What Does Your Finance and Operations Tech Stack Look Like? Here’s Ours

For months, I’ve wanted to write in detail about our cloud application stack for finance and operations. As far as I’ve seen and read, there’s been very little discussion on this topic. I was inspired to write this when I came across Scott Miller’s tweet and post on the topic. It’s one of the few–if only–application-by-application tear-downs I’ve seen (thank ..more ›

Finance and Ops

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How Cloud IT Will Influence Enterprise Technology in 2016

The mass migration to the cloud is well under way and will only accelerate. Two giants continue to dominate the space and their market capitalization will dictate the roles smaller companies play in the market. IT tools and leaders in the field will enable larger numbers of organizations to fully embrace technology and money markets have read the writing on ..more ›

Cloud Office Predictions

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We Asked 200 Leading IT Professionals to Predict How Their Jobs Will Change in 2016 – Here’s What They Said

Every December, new predictions are made about how technology will change the way businesses operate and how employees work. We commonly hear the perspectives of analysts and industry thought leaders, but this year, we wanted to hear from IT professionals themselves. By surveying IT professionals subscribed to The Gooru, 365 Ninja, and our blog, we tapped into some of the ..more ›

Cloud IT Predictions

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Here’s How We Took Advantage of Shadow IT and Rolled Out Slack

It’s called “shadow IT” for a reason. When users sidestep admins to use unauthorized cloud applications, IT is left in the dark. Admins lose control, security risks rise, and deprovisioning and provisioning processes are nonexistent. That’s why 43 percent of CIOs view shadow IT as a major threat to their organization, according to Forrester. But employees have a job to do ..more ›

Slack BetterCloud Shadow IT Rollout

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Lessons Learned from 2,000 Data Breaches and 80,000 Security Incidents

Since 2008, Verizon has teamed up with research institutions, private security firms, and law enforcement agencies from around the world to create the annual Data Breach Investigations Report. The report is an in-depth analysis of more than 2,000 confirmed data breaches and 80,000 security incidents. For some IT professionals, the transition to the cloud is a scary proposition. There is ..more ›

Lessons Learned from Data Breaches

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6 Strategies Cloud Partners Can Leverage to Differentiate Their Offerings

Microsoft has cultivated an enormous partner ecosystem. But the shift to the cloud is forcing more than 600,000 Microsoft partners to reevaluate their business approaches. A growing portion of Microsoft partners have increasingly set their eyes on the cloud as part of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Providers program (CSP). For organizations “going-Google,” more than 10,000 cloud-focused Google partners are assisting their ..more ›

Cloud Partner Differentiators

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Beyond Satisfactory: Why BetterCloud Introduced Proactive Support

When customers interact with BetterCloud support, they expect a great experience. But when does a great experience turn magical? Micah Solomon, author and customer support expert, says in a 2014 Forbes article that the “step beyond satisfactory is where the magic happens, where you bind customers to you and create fierce loyalty and true brand equity.” For many software companies, ..more ›

Proactive Support

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5 Critical Numbers Every Google Apps Admin Needs to Know

To keep your organization secure, you need to be aware of many critical elements within your domain. The rapid proliferation of cloud applications can make this challenging–but not impossible. One thing we’ve learned from our research and discussions with cloud IT admins is that no two organizations are the same. Each organization–and IT admin for that matter–deals with a unique ..more ›

5 Critical Numbers Every Google Apps Admin Needs to Know

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What 1,500 IT Professionals Showed Us About Cloud Office Partners

The shift to the cloud is affecting everyone. Organizations that develop cloud office systems, IT professionals whose roles are rapidly changing, and the employees that now work primarily in the cloud. We recently covered the complex cloud partner ecosystem and how customers should evaluate their options, but now, we’re taking a look at how partners are influencing the shift to ..more ›

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