When organizations make the move to Google Apps, they often overlook the importance of user training and change management. Failing to help users transition from a legacy system to Google Apps can be detrimental to your company’s long term success on the Apps platform and can leave employees confused, discouraged and resentful of your transition to the cloud. On the other hand, successful user training programs can have a positive impact on employee productivity, collaboration and adoption of Google Apps.

To help you build a user training program and increase user adoption of Google Apps across the board, we created the following flowchart.


This flowchart was made using Lucidchart.


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  1. Roland

    Major piece missing in this flowchart is: compare current work flow processes vs. how those processes will have to change using Google apps. Then, develop new processes based on the new technology, and educate employees on those, in addition to education on how to use google. My workplace is going through an extremely painful conversion to Google apps because the IT and leadership did not do their homework, and the highly paid consultants from Google are navel gazing. SWITCHING TO THE GOOGLE CLOUD IS NOT JUST TECHNOLOGY CHANGE.

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