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12 Vital Answers to Cloud IT and Google Apps Security Questions

Over the course of the last two months, we’ve had more than 1,000 people attend our two webinars: How to Overcome the Top 7 Security Flaws of the Google Apps Admin Console and Risk vs. Reward: A Framework for Evaluating + Implementing Cloud Apps. We answered a ton of great questions during the webinars, but we didn’t have time to ..more ›


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Google Apps vs Office 365: Comparing the Usage, Adoption & Effectiveness of Cloud IT’s Power Players

The Office 365 vs. Google Apps story is just beginning. The data we’ve collected will help provide insights into where the platforms–and their customers–stand today. ..more ›

Google Apps vs Office 365

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Introducing 365 Ninja: A Free Office 365 Training Resource

In February, we introduced the new BetterCloud, and along with it, a new product: BetterCloud for Office 365. In doing so, we saw a clear need for an Office 365 training resource to help ease the transition to a cloud-based work environment. Today, we’re excited to announce our latest endeavor: 365 Ninja, a free website and newsletter designed to help ..more ›


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15 Ways to Maximize Your Productivity with Google Drive

It’s hard to believe that Google Drive is just three years old…yes, really. For a tool still in its infancy, it’s remarkable how quickly it has inspired the question, “How did I live without it?” Google Drive is now ingrained in the daily lives of millions of people, many of whom rely on it for work. With an increasing number of companies moving towards full cloud office adoption, Google Drive usage is only going to rise. ..more ›


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Why Skype for Business is More Important Than You Thought

The second post in a brand-new series on the BetterCloud Blog: The Cloud Office Transformation Series will continue to explore transformational applications for cloud office systems that change the way people work on a daily basis. ..more ›


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Trends in Cloud IT: Dissecting Adoption Across Thousands of Organizations

You’ve heard it before, the shift to the cloud is underway. What you haven’t heard, or seen for that matter, is a comprehensive look at the demographics of 1,500 IT professionals and the factors contributing to their adoption of cloud IT. ..more ›


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4 Ways to Transform Your Organization with Google Hangouts

This is the first post in a brand-new series on the BetterCloud Blog: The Cloud Office Transformation Series. For the next few months, the BetterCloud Blog will explore transformational applications for cloud office systems that change the way people work on a daily basis. Even if your organization uses Google for Work as your cloud office system, chances are your ..more ›


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Why the Move to Cloud Office Systems is the Biggest IT Shift in 20 Years

Work is transforming: the way employees expect digital-native workplaces, the way work comes home with us and can go anywhere, the way new technologies are changing existing jobs and creating new industries. And as a result, the “office,” a combination of the physical workplace and the digital infrastructure that powers it, is forcibly changing, too. The cloud office may be ..more ›

Business Innovation

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Announcing BetterCloud for Office 365: Building a Microsoft Business as a Premier Google ISV

We’re excited to announce the public beta release of BetterCloud for Office 365. We are adding functionality rapidly and working closely with customers to shape our roadmap. If you are interested in joining our Beta Advisor Program, email us, or install BetterCloud for Office 365 [Beta] for free. A key advantage for most startups is their ability to recognize something ..more ›

Microsoft Building

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3 Things We Love About Microsoft’s Focus on Innovation

When Satya Nadella stepped into his role as Microsoft CEO in 2014, he repeatedly used the word "innovation" in his public communications. While the word can come across as a buzzword or a cliche, Microsoft has actually kept Nadella’s promise over the past year, resulting in a palpable shift in the company's reputation. The renewed focus on improving the end user’s experience has set Microsoft on the path (back to) greatness.

Office 365 Roadmap

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