FlashPanel Enterprise Feature Update: Scheduled Reports

Today, we’re very pleased to announce powerful new reporting functionality in FlashPanel Enterprise*. Scheduled Reports, the application’s latest feature addition, gives Google Apps administrators and those with delegated access the ability to build and (you guessed it) schedule reports to run at desired times.

Scheduled reports joins FlashPanel Enterprise’s other reporting features – Canned Reports and Custom Reports – to give IT administrators a full suite of powerful, easy-to-use reporting tools that keep you and your team up to date on user, group, OU and Drive activity. And, using the hundreds of filter fields available, you’re equipped with virtually limitless reporting capabilities.

While you’re still able to run reports manually, scheduling reports will save you time and give you the ability to monitor changes to your domain over a period of days, weeks, months and even years. The resulting data should provide tremendous insight into how Google Apps is being used by your employees, which can inform business decisions relating to Apps usage.

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FlashPanel Customer Survey: Chromebooks and Hangouts Surging, Google Apps Admin Best Practices and How Google’s Channel Has Accelerated Cloud Adoption

Eight years after its inception, Google Apps stands as a force to be reckoned with. More organizations are migrating away from on-premises legacy systems and trading up to the cloud, spurring Google to invest more energy into the suite every year. In the past few months alone, we’ve seen major upgrades from Google like completely overhauled spreadsheets, a new conferencing system and additional API offerings, which have allowed developers like BetterCloud to provide even more functionality to our customers. Clearly, the suite is evolving and cloud services brokerages and Google Apps resellers have stepped up to the plate to bring Google Apps to organizations around the world.

The ecosystem is complicated, involving many moving parts – Google, partners, third-party vendors and customers – but there is very little data on the growth, challenges, opportunities and success of the ecosystem as a whole. That’s why we’ve made a concerted effort to survey our customers and release statistics surrounding the health and evolution of the Google Apps ecosystem.

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6 Reasons BuzzFeed Uses FlashPanel to Manage Google Apps

To read the BuzzFeed case study, visit flashpanel.com/buzzfeed.

1. To edit Google Group permissions in bulk – something you can’t do in the Google Admin Console.


2. To deprovision users. Saying goodbye is never easy, but a custom checklist can help.

the office goodbye

3. To create a policy forcing users to reset their Google Apps account password every three months.

mind eraser

4. To view the third-party apps that can access their Google Apps data.


5. To see how documents created by BuzzFeed employees are shared.

office space

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Introducing the FlashPanel Blog, Your Go-To Resource for FlashPanel News, Tips and Admin Best Practices

Today I’m very pleased to announce a new editorial outlet specifically geared towards current and prospective FlashPanel and Google Apps administrators: the FlashPanel Blog. Several months in the making, the FlashPanel blog will serve as the ultimate resource for IT administrators using FlashPanel to manage and secure their Google Apps domain.

Rest assured, the BetterCloud blog will continue to feature high-level Google Apps and cloud thought leadership pieces from our CEO, David Politis, as well as company milestones, customer news and industry events from yours truly. The FlashPanel blog is simply a better way for BetterCloud to communicate with Google Apps administrators using FlashPanel on a much more regular basis.

In addition to the FlashPanel blog, we’ve also launched a Google+ page and Twitter handle specifically for FlashPanel so be sure to follow both to say up to date on the latest feature and product news.

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FlashPanel’s New Google+ Security and Management Features


Katie is a Product Owner at BetterCloud.

Just last week we announced a completely revamped shared contacts experience for FlashPanel users. And today, I’m very excited to share that we’re giving IT administrators even more functionality when it comes to managing and securing their Google Apps domains. Now with FlashPanel, IT administrators can manage, audit and secure Google+ posts made from employees’ work-related accounts.

Ensuring Social Networking Accountability

FlashPanel’s new Google+ auditing features allow administrators and others with delegated access (like a social media or communications manager) to monitor and filter comments and posts made by employees in Google+ either shared publicly or within the domain. Administrators can also browse public or domain-wide posts made by employees in a consolidated view and create content policies pertaining to certain words.

To get started with Google+ features in FlashPanel, head to the Google Apps tab.


From the Google+ tab, you can choose to view Posts or configure Google+ Policies.

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How to Create Shared Contacts in Google Apps

Nathaniel Collum is a Product Owner at BetterCloud.

Today we’re very pleased to announce a brand new feature update for FlashPanel. We’ve rebuilt, redesigned and rebranded FlashPanel’s Shared Contacts feature as “Contacts.” Admins and end users alike will notice several important updates improving the overall usability of the feature.

The Basics

First things first, if you’re new to FlashPanel or Google Apps, you might be wondering just what a contact is. Contacts represent individuals who’ve been added to FlashPanel’s directory. These may or may not be users within your own domain. However, when people talk about Contacts related to Google Apps, they’re most often referring to the concept of “Shared Contacts.” Contacts could include business partners, vendors or customers so it makes sense that you’d want other members within your organization to have access to this list of external contacts.

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BetterCloud Launches Apps Explorer for FlashPanel to Provide Third-Party App Monitoring

For organizations operating on the Google Apps platform, Google sits the core of enterprise user identity. And with 5,000 organizations signing up for Google Enterprise products everyday, this trend is accelerating rapidly. Using their Google identity, users and admins alike can install thousands of mobile and web applications through the Google Apps Marketplace, Chrome Web Store, Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store and others. With so much variety, the IT department’s need for visibility into and control over the applications users are installing is paramount.

To further our mission of empowering Google Apps administrators and shed light on possible shadow IT in the workplace, we’ve launched Apps Explorer for FlashPanel. Apps Explorer is the first and only feature of its kind to make use of Google’s newly released security management features for their Directory API within the Admin SDK.

FlashPanel - Apps Explorer Home

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BetterCloud Raises $6 Million to Bring IT Management and Security Suite to the Cloud Stack

BetterCloud-Logo-900-pxAfter nearly two years of focusing solely on Google Apps, we’ve decided to expand our vision beyond Apps and to the cloud at large. While organizations initially migrate to the cloud to gain collaboration, cost savings and scalability, once there they often find a lack of management and security capabilities. Cloud enabled companies are therefore forced to cobble together multiple management and security tools from various vendors or even build their own custom solutions to simply oversee the applications they rely on every day.

Today, we’re aiming to solve this dilemma by providing a single pane through which IT administrators can manage and secure their entire cloud application stack. To help us do so, we’ve closed a $6 million Series B round of funding from existing investors including Flybridge Capital Partners, Greycroft Partners, TriBeCa Venture Partners and BLH Venture Partners, bringing our total investment to $13.25 million.

This latest investment will go towards growing our existing engineering team to accelerate Google Apps development while also adding a new team dedicated to extending FlashPanel’s functionality to other leading cloud applications.

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Introducing Access Control by OU for FlashPanel

As many of you probably know, last week marked a huge milestone for BetterCloud – FlashPanel graduated from beta. This was an event 14 months in the making and it took some serious effort from our team and support from our customers, partners and the community to get here.

Last week’s release included a number of big changes, including the integration of our billing system into FlashPanel. This system automates the purchasing process and provides for a seamless experience for our customers. We also added a highly anticipated feature, especially among our larger customers. FlashPanel administrators now have the ability to set up Access Control roles by organizational unit.

If you’ve been using FlashPanel for a while and / or you’re part of a larger organization, Access Control is probably a feature you’ve grown very familiar with. We’ve found the feature comes in handy when a Super Administrator wants to grant only certain permissions to a user. Say you want a help desk employee to manage Read more →

FlashPanel Graduates From Beta (Email to the BetterCloud Team)

Today marks a major milestone in BetterCloud’s history – we’ve taken the beta tag off of FlashPanel. Earlier this morning I wrote an email to the team here to reflect a little (or a lot) on what the last two years have been like and what we can look forward to in the coming months and years. Because there are so many people who have supported us along the way (customers, partners, investors, peers, family, friends or just those rooting for us) I thought it would be worthwhile to publish the internal email on our blog. It’s long, and if you’d prefer to get the details about the launch of our enterprise plans, you can check out the press release here. We’re looking forward to this next chapter.

Team -

Today is an important day in our company’s short, yet very eventful, history. Taking the beta tag off of FlashPanel is a big move for us. Literally overnight we’ve changed how BetterCloud is viewed by our customers, our partners, our peers and the market as a whole. In 14 months, we’ve gone from a … Read more →