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Register for gCON, the Largest-ever Google Apps for Work Training Event


Today, The Gooru, the number one resource site for Google Apps, announced gCON, an online event giving Google Apps administrators and end users the information they need to make day to day tasks in Google Apps easier. Held over four days exclusively through Hangouts on Air, gCON will bring together experienced IT professionals, power users and third-party experts for in-depth training covering a range of topics from optimizing Google Drive to getting the most out of Gmail. The Gooru is … Read more

Google for Work: An Important Change for the Ecosystem


Today Google announced a huge change for the entire Google Apps ecosystem – Google Enterprise is now Google for Work. Since Google launched its enterprise efforts with Google Search Appliance in 2002, the company has sought to do things differently. As Google Enterprise has grown and matured, Google’s mission has become clearer – people should be free to work the way they live with technology that helps, not hinders their productivity and frankly, while Google counts a number of large … Read more

How Google is Disrupting the Enterprise (Again) with Hangouts


When Google launched Talk in 2005, the company changed the way many of us communicate. The downloadable application allowed users to instant message quickly and easily. Definitely not revolutionary technology (long before Talk I was an early adopter of AOL’s AIM service), but still the application introduced millions to another Google product and paved the way for the company’s unified communications platform. In 2006, Google rolled Talk into Gmail, making the application an integral and beloved aspect of the mail … Read more

Picking the Perfect Team: Using Apps in Combination


Emily is a Marketing Specialist at Lucid Software. She loves discovering new ways to work smarter. The best way to complete a complicated task with diverse needs? Give it to a stellar team. A well-assembled team of people, whether it’s the Guardians of the Galaxy or the 1980 USA Hockey team, can accomplish almost anything. But teams don’t have to be made up of just people. A great team can be a set of ultra-specialized tools, each hand-picked to work … Read more

Bringing Google Apps Administrators Advanced Security with Drive for Work’s New Audit API


Two years ago we launched FlashPanel in the Google Apps Marketplace and just eight months prior, we founded BetterCloud. Over the past two-and-a-half years, we’ve grown to a team of 75 and have built a customer base of more than 40,000 organizations spread across the globe. Throughout this rapid growth, we’ve never lost sight of our mission – always put the customer first. To thank our customers and emphasize this mission going forward, blog content over the next month will … Read more

How to Roll Out Google Drive: 9 Simple Steps


Last year, I wrote a post detailing how to best optimize your roll out of Google Apps following data migration from your legacy provider. The post detailed three key phases: setting yourself up for long-term success, ongoing management & optimization and mini-projects & feature rollouts. Today, we’ll focus specifically on this last phase as it relates to Google Drive – Google’s collaboration and storage application. Just last week, during Google I/O, Google announced huge updates to Google Drive making it … Read more

LIVE FROM GOOGLE I/O: Unlimited Google Drive Storage, Apps Unlimited Appears in the Admin Console


Taylor Gould, BetterCloud’s VP of Marketing, is reporting live from Google I/O, Google’s annual Developer Conference. Stay up to date with the latest Google I/O news here. Today, during the Google I/O keynote, Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP Android, Chrome and Apps, announced huge upgrades for Google Apps customers, namely unlimited Drive storage for $10 per user per month or $120 per user per year. This unlimited storage is billed by Google as Google Drive for Work or Google Apps Unlimited … Read more

The Significance of Google’s Technology Partner Program


At the second annual Global Partner Summit this past March, Google announced a new partner track for independent software vendors. Today, I’m pleased to announce that BetterCloud is among the inaugural class of Premier Technology Partners as selected by Google. As one of the very first Premier Technology Partners, BetterCloud joins an elite group of market-leading software vendors building applications specifically integrated with the Google Apps platform. While this new distinction is indeed an honor for BetterCloud and speaks to the … Read more

Growth of Google Apps in 2014: Revisiting Our Predictions


Late last year, we made 5 predictions for Google Apps in 2014. Let’s examine how last year’s predictions have unfolded in 2014. 1. Drive will mature in a major way and more organizations will move away from Microsoft Office At the end of last year, we predicted that 2014 would bring on huge changes for Google Drive. Fresh off the heels of the major spreadsheets overhaul, 2014 has indeed already seen many changes to Google’s cloud storage and collaboration solution. … Read more