Partner Spotlight – Avalon

Ronald Whether you’re looking to go Google, need help with user training or are searching for software that allows your company to get more out of Google Apps, a reseller can help! BetterCloud partners with the world’s top Google Apps resellers to provide our growing customer base even more value.

This week I heard from Ronald Haagensen, Sales Manager at Avalon, a European reseller, to find out more about his organization.

Company: Avalon Location: Sweden, Denmark, Norway Market Served: Enterprise Website:

BetterCloud: When was your organization founded?

Avalon: Our business started in 1997 as a consulting firm for systems development. In 2008 we became a Google Enterprise partner and decided to focus on full scale cloud services bringing value to our customers by both delivering software and providing consulting services.

BetterCloud: What led to the founding of your company?

Avalon: We felt there was a need for a company in Scandinavia that wanted to help clients implement innovative technology solutions. We chose to focus specifically on Google because … Read more →

Life after Heartbleed: What Google Apps Customers Need to Know

heartbleedThis week, a major security flaw was discovered in OpenSSL, the open-source implementation of cryptographic protocols SSL and TLS. This flaw, now referred to as Heartbleed, poses a fundamental risk to the security of data transmitted between servers. In other words, the bug allows malevolent parties to request data from a web server’s memory, which may include encryption keys, passwords, user information and content. Once attackers have access to this data they can use it to impersonate services and users. What’s worse is that the flaw has been around since December 2011, meaning potential hackers have had access to vulnerable data for over two years.

Scary, right?

Yes, Heartbleed should be taken seriously. End users can and should take key steps like resetting account passwords, but much of the onus is placed on the web providers we rely on and trust. For BetterCloud and our customers (and most of the free world), Google is a major player in our online lives – personally and professionally.

Thankfully the web giant, that actually employs the researcher who discovered Heartbleed, was extremely … Read more →

Partner Spotlight – G-Asiapacific

Toby LeeWhether you’re looking to go Google, need help with user training or are searching for software that allows your company to get more out of Google Apps, a reseller can help! BetterCloud partners with the world’s top Google Apps resellers to provide our growing customer base even more value.

This week I heard from Mark Goh, CEO at G-Asiapacific, a Southeast Asian reseller, to find out more about his organization.

Company: G-Asiapacific Location: Selangor, Malaysia and Auckland, New Zealand Market Served: Enterprise, SMB Website:

BetterCloud: When was your organization founded?

G-Asiapacific: Our company was founded in 2008. We’re a cloud brokerage and cloud consultancy fusing sound business principals with leading-edge technology expertise. We focus primarily on Google Enterprise solutions and we’re one of the first Google Premier Enterprise Partners and Premier resellers in Southeast Asia.

BetterCloud: What led to the founding of your company?

G-Asiapacific: We have a passion for cloud technology and wanted to bring its transformative power to businesses in Southeast Asia.

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FlashPanel Enterprise Feature Update: Scheduled Reports

Today, we’re very pleased to announce powerful new reporting functionality in FlashPanel Enterprise*. Scheduled Reports, the application’s latest feature addition, gives Google Apps administrators and those with delegated access the ability to build and (you guessed it) schedule reports to run at desired times.

Scheduled reports joins FlashPanel Enterprise’s other reporting features – Canned Reports and Custom Reports – to give IT administrators a full suite of powerful, easy-to-use reporting tools that keep you and your team up to date on user, group, OU and Drive activity. And, using the hundreds of filter fields available, you’re equipped with virtually limitless reporting capabilities.

While you’re still able to run reports manually, scheduling reports will save you time and give you the ability to monitor changes to your domain over a period of days, weeks, months and even years. The resulting data should provide tremendous insight into how Google Apps is being used by your employees, which can inform business decisions relating to Apps usage.

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These 40 Stats Will Change the Way You Think About Google Apps

google-apps-custom-2This past October, we published a post rounding up 47 of the most vital stats about the state of the Google Apps ecosystem. The post was one of our most shared ever and it’s clear that people operating in this space are looking for more information about the success, growth and future of Apps. Here are 40 more stats you need to know about the Google Apps Ecosystem.

The Cloud Office Market

The move to the cloud is undeniably under way, but to what extent? A company’s move to the cloud depends on various factors like organization type, size, prior investment in on-premises systems, attitude and much more. And, while many organizations have indeed moved to the cloud, it’s worth noting that the vast majority of companies are still operating in on-premises environments. This however represents a huge opportunity for cloud software providers like BetterCloud, which is able to not only serve existing cloud office users, but also grow tremendously as cloud becomes the de facto for organizations around the world.

There are two primary suppliers competing … Read more →

Recapping the Global Enterprise Partner Summit: Partners are the Cornerstone of the Ecosystem’s Success

Nick Freund is the Director of Business Development at BetterCloud where he oversees all partner relationships and business development initiatives.

Last week was Google’s second annual Global Enterprise Partner Summit. The event, which brought more than 700 partners to San Francisco, was a showcase of sorts for Google’s current partners – Google Apps, Search, Maps for Business, Cloud Platform and Chrome. It also served as a launching pad for new Enterprise initiatives, like Google’s new technology partner track, open exclusively to independent software vendors building products heavily integrated with the Google Apps suite. This program is set to build upon existing relationships between Google and Google Apps Marketplace ISVs, now numbering more than 750.

For BetterCloud, the week was a great opportunity to meet with all of our partners and interact with others in the ecosystem – most of whom work in markets around the world, and who we would otherwise never get a chance to meet. BetterCloud strives to work with the most successful, best known and professional Google … Read more →

3 Qualities Shared by the Most Effective Google Apps Admins

Eli Winderbaum is the Director of Customer Success at BetterCloud where he interacts with dozens of Google Apps administrators daily. Follow Eli on Google+.

google-apps-admin-blog-imageGoogle Apps administrators play an integral role in any organization operating on Google Apps. They have the power to drive a company’s IT strategy, implement that strategy and access a huge amount of company and employee data. So, great admins are not only tech savvy and experienced, but also incredibly trustworthy.

Over the past two years, we’ve interacted with thousands of Apps administrators from the largest Fortune 100 enterprises down to the smallest non-profits, and have come to recognize three qualities every great Google Apps admin possesses.


Google is a forward thinking and innovative company, and these philosophies extend to the Google Apps suite. Great Google Apps admins possess these same qualities, and look for opportunities to strategically deploy Google Apps’ existing capabilities and newly released features to advance the business goals of his or her organization.

Apps admins who stay on top of new features … Read more →

FlashPanel Customer Survey: Chromebooks and Hangouts Surging, Google Apps Admin Best Practices and How Google’s Channel Has Accelerated Cloud Adoption

Eight years after its inception, Google Apps stands as a force to be reckoned with. More organizations are migrating away from on-premises legacy systems and trading up to the cloud, spurring Google to invest more energy into the suite every year. In the past few months alone, we’ve seen major upgrades from Google like completely overhauled spreadsheets, a new conferencing system and additional API offerings, which have allowed developers like BetterCloud to provide even more functionality to our customers. Clearly, the suite is evolving and cloud services brokerages and Google Apps resellers have stepped up to the plate to bring Google Apps to organizations around the world.

The ecosystem is complicated, involving many moving parts – Google, partners, third-party vendors and customers – but there is very little data on the growth, challenges, opportunities and success of the ecosystem as a whole. That’s why we’ve made a concerted effort to survey our customers and release statistics surrounding the health and evolution of the Google Apps ecosystem.

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Why Your IT Department Needs to Embrace Shadow IT

shadow ITAs the provider of an enterprise security SaaS application, we know that the IT landscape is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. And, we’ve been hearing more and more from concerned IT administrators who worry about their users installing and using unapproved SaaS products. According to a recent Frost & Sullivan survey produced in conjunction with the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps, nearly two-thirds of end users say they choose and install their own applications in the workplace.

While this so-called shadow IT leaves some IT admins anxious over possible security breaches, another Frost survey put out in November 2013 finds that employees turn to shadow IT simply to gain efficiency (malevolence usually isn’t in play). In fact, the same study notes that IT employees are even likelier to use unapproved SaaS applications than their non-IT counterparts. Clearly, goals and reality are misaligned.

As an IT administrator, the majority of today’s “best practices” tell you to squash … Read more →