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If You’re Not Doing Acceptance Test-Driven Development, You’re Not Really Agile

This article is based on a webinar from our VP of QA, Adam Satterfield, hosted by QASymphony. You can watch it here. Last week, BetterCloud completed a truly epic release. We released new editions of BetterCloud for Google Apps, a completely new landing page framework within the tool, and—most significantly—a major new solution for Drive compliance and data loss prevention. And all of that happened on the same day we launched the private beta for an Office 365 version of BetterCloud. The project … Read more

Our Chief Strategy Officer talks Cloud Vision, Millenials, and Siberian Huskies

When it comes to mastery of the enterprise IT landscape, few people can touch Michael Tweddle.In 18 years as a systems analyst, sales consultant, and technical team leader, he’s led teams at Quest and Dell through several major shifts in the industry, including Dell’s acquisition of Quest. This month, he became BetterCloud’s chief strategy officer. Where are you from? I grew up in Dallas, where my dad was an electrical engineer. At Texas Tech, I studied management and information systems, … Read more

Welcome to the New BetterCloud

Today’s an important day at BetterCloud—the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history. Several changes went into effect earlier today that impact everything from the names of our products to the platforms we support. These changes fall into three main categories: New Name, New Look, New Brand As you may already have noticed, we unveiled a new logo and website this morning. We’re also retiring the name “FlashPanel”—going forward, it’ll be known as BetterCloud for Google Apps. If … Read more

FREE GUIDE: Creating a Culture of Transformation

Have you ever witnessed an organization-wide change that didn’t stick? Like expense-tracking software that confused and frustrated your employees? Or an intranet that started gathering cobwebs the day after it launched? Chances are, the people who planned it didn’t establish a culture of transformation first. They didn’t pave the way by getting employees invested, and that expensive effort went the way of a Charlie Brown football kick. Shifting your organization to a cloud IT system like Google Apps should be … Read more

Truths and Tips About Acceptance Test-Driven Development

Thursday, Jan 29, 10 AM EST Are your QA automation teams always a sprint behind? Did your dev team produce X when the product team expected Y? Acceptance Test-Driven Development might be the answer. Join Adam Satterfield, BetterCloud’s VP of QA, and Kevin Dunne, senior project manager at QASymphony, to learn why ATDD is better than Advil for ending your development-related headaches. Sign up for the FREE webinar now.

Adapting to Cloud IT: My First 30 Days

At BetterCloud, we make it possible for companies to adapt cloud office solutions to their enterprise IT needs. As you’d expect, our own IT infrastructure is entirely cloud-based. I started here just one month ago, and I’ve already decided: I wouldn’t want to work any other way. The Old Way Over the four years I worked at a large nonprofit, I experienced a typical enterprise IT infrastructure: onsite servers, a desktop software suite, sharing via folders on network drives, the … Read more

Event: NYC February Google Apps Meetup

When: February 3rd, 6pm Where: BetterCloud office, 14th floor, 330 7th Avenue, New York  Insider threats are growing. State privacy laws are getting stricter. And your company’s information is a juicier target than ever. Data loss prevention is supposed to help, but legacy DLP deployments are increasingly ineffective. There’s a storm coming, but the answer might lie in the cloud. BetterCloud’s mad-scientist IT head, Tim Burke, will tell you how cloud-based DLP can minimize risk and give you X-ray vision. … Read more

How to Create an Email Signature for Yourself or Your Company

Has an email signature ever made you cringe? One of the reporters at my college newspaper had a signature that ended with a quote: “Only shooting stars break the mold.” Every time I got to the end of one of her messages, I rolled my eyes, and I bet the professors and politicians she emailed had a similar reaction. I’ve seen other people get creative with fonts, slapping Comic Sans or Papyrus onto their text. You’ve got your own stories, … Read more

Shadow IT: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…

If you’re an IT administrator, take a moment to think like Linda from Legal. Sure, Linda uses your mandated tools. If you’re in a traditional IT environment that could mean Outlook, Word, and a shared network drive. But like every other computer user on the planet, Linda uses a few tools you don’t have control over. Maybe she uses: LastPass to manage the many logins your company requires. Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets to make it easier to work from … Read more

FleetPride – A BetterCloud Case Study

Founded in 1999, FleetPride is the largest independent distributor of aftermarket heavy-duty truck and trailer parts with more than 256 locations in 45 states across the US. Employees: 3,400 Founded: 1999 Industry: Distribution & Retail Website: Scaling Cross-Country with Google Apps Since its founding more than a decade ago, FleetPride has expanded rapidly across the country. Three years ago, FleetPride’s IT department realized their in-house Exchange system simply wasn’t going to keep up with continued expansion without expensive and time-intensive … Read more